Meet Cassandra

Meet Cassandra

Hello Friend!

Here's a little about me...

I find healing in helping others heal and become successful.

When I'm not enjoying nature, hanging with my girls, or napping, I'm either catching up on my reading, watching movies, or catching up with friends and family.

My mission is to guide determined women in their pursuits, helping them confidently embrace their individuality and find freedom by falling in love with themselves. I love to inspire and founded Lisa’s Believe Ministries, a personal development ministry that focuses on the mind, body, and spirit and is designed to lift women to believe in their self-worth and use their unique abilities to bring their dreams to life in God’s way. 

I aim to broaden your horizon about the blessings of God and your position on this earth.

I also offer inspiring speaking engagements and programs to help women unleash their inner power. Contact me today to book your free consultation and start your self-discovery journey.