How to Manage Your Emotional State: Reinvigorate

How to Manage Your Emotional State: Reinvigorate
Posted on January 20th, 2023

If you don’t care for yourself, then who will? Self-care is predominant, especially during these times of crisis. With the COVID-19 world concerns, job loss, hours cut, pay cut, changes to the environment, changes in the home, school closures, church service cancel, ordered to stay indoors. So many uncertainties, it is no secret that feelings of anxiety are taking its toll on so many of us. During these trying times, you are not alone. Many people are struggling with attempting to balance life right about now, and discovering themselves thrust against a brick wall with everyday responsibilities. Our wandering minds are filled with billions of thoughts that we have no solutions to, which can be extremely distressing.  

Get Your Facts Straight  

Wouldn’t it be great if we knew the outcome of our dilemmas? Our lives would be a bit less complicated. Unfortunately, our lives are complex. And Uncertainties produces anxiety! It is natural and healthy to have these feelings of distress, balancing what comes with life experience can be very overwhelming. Stress can be ignored; however, it is best to listen to our bodies, our bodies love to speak to us.

Symptoms of anxiety come in many different forms; some symptoms include irritability, headaches, fatigue, depression, racing thoughts, tighten muscles, increase heart rate, avoidance, and changes in appetite.  

Reinvigorate For a Better You

The best cure for anxiety is self-care. When we practice self-care, we reinvigorate our body and mind. Choosing to revive means choosing to have energy. Reinvigorating produces strength and feelings of liveliness. You feel healthy and are better able to thrive throughout the day. Life is overwhelming, I get it. Stop, take a deep breath, and remind yourself to take each thingamajig one by one. Here’s some good news, you’re not in this alone. Take a minute or more and just be present at the moment and breathe in and out. With this global pandemic and social distancing, you may be experiencing feelings of social isolation. You are not alone, social distance is not social isolation.  

10-Tips For a Better You

  • Use a video app like Zoom or Hangouts to chat with friends and family & to check in with coworkers
  • Blast your favorite tunes and sing along, heck, get your dance on
  • Set up a movie night or day with a concession stand, don’t forget the wine and beer or water
  • Go for a jog, walk or bike ride around your neighborhood or a beautiful walking trail
  • Write, journal, get your thoughts and stories out on paper
  • Tap into your creative style and or volunteer your time
  • Indulge in a hot bath or take an extra-long hot shower
  • Spring clean your home
  • Learn a new skill online
  • Rest

What are some other ways that you reinvigorate? Share with me so that we can add to the tips to keep it going!

"Never Forget That It's Your Journey That Makes You Strong and Your Faith That Keeps You Rising." - Cassandra Y. Branch

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